A brief introduction

More than twenty one thousand races are conducted in Japan alone, which becomes one the most sought after equestrian savvy racing country in the world. Only a few countries like Britain and Dubai conduct more races than Japan, which makes it a very fertile hunting ground for online gamblers from across the world. Almost all kinds of races are held in the country which includes flat racing, draft racing, as well as flat racing. As is the amount of interest taken by the gamblers in and around the world, Japan has more than 30 tracks which receive hotly contested competitions the year round. A majority of the top races are conducted in top tracks which are ten in number, where the biggest gamblers and the best horses compete with each other. On the other hand, most of the online betting sites continue to provide patronage to these aggressive and highly competitive races.

The Japan Racing Association is the authority responsible for conducting these operations, which receive government attention as well. The remaining tracks are under the control and jurisdiction of the local governments. These tracks are further under supervision of the National Association of Racing. But as most successful sports events are organized, lots and lots of money are required. Similarly, the Japan Racing Association holds the honor of holding the richest bank out in the world. Similarly, the more the money is involved in a particular sport, the higher the amount of money awarded to the winner.

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Land of rising horses

As more money is involved, higher cash rewards are always at stake, with rich contracts and advertisements. This has a direct affect on the gambling business as well. Online betting sites weigh in all the pros and cons, and considering the amount of money at stake, the better tend to get a little flexible too. Top races in Japan are held in the months of spring and autumn when outdoor sports are held in abundance with the nice weather. The Japan Cup is the most sought after tournament which is held at the Tokyo Racecourse ground. The running range is a daunting 2400 meters, which is a grass track. The tournament kicks off in the month of November each year, with the winner bagging a whopping 5.4 million dollars in cash rewards. Such is the amount of money at stake in horse races in Japan that the Grade 1 Japan Cup is the richest tournament in horse racing in the world.

With that amount of money involved, it is highly unlikely that the gambling taking place in the tournament is going to be a cheap affair. Gamblers and online punters go into top gear with the horse racing season nearing in Japan. Novice and professional betters need to be at their best before taking part in the horse races in Japan as millions can be made in a matter of a few bets. It is also important for online gamblers in Australia to know the best jockey in Japan’s horse racing business and which race is the most sought after competition in the country. The Nakayama Grand Jump is the top jump race to be held in the country with cash riches of 1.4 million going to the winner. While Japan’s top jockey in the business is Yutaka Take, a champion of champions when it comes to horse racing. Not only does Take races in Japan, but has been a widely sought after commodity in races across the world. He mostly rides Japanese horses, and has taken part in almost all world horse racing events that have blessed the gamblers across the world.

Telephone betting

Telephone betting in Japan was introduced in the early seventies, largely to cater for the horse racing fans across the country. But primarily, telephone betting helped the fans who used to live in far away places and could not afford to travel to horse racing tracks and stadiums. With time, the telephone betting industry improved and now it is rated as one the number one ways of betting in Japan. It also helped in easing the large crowds that used to throng betting windows across racing tracks and stadiums. But it is important that offshore gamblers wanting to place their money on Japanese horses and races need to register with the Japanese Racing Authority. These services are then offered to all the members, including betting over the internet.

The payment system is also good, where all the wins and loses are calculated at the end of the race, and members are paid accordingly via their bank accounts. Telephone betting on the other hand has a variety of ways to bet on races including the A-PAT, the Soku-PAT, and the ARS. The first two methods allow the members to place their bets over their mobile phones by using the internet as well as from a personal computer. While the A-PAT and ARS members are allowed to bet on horse racing in Japan over land lines too. So all those Australians who are willing to place their money over the internet in Japan, first need to register themselves with the official authorities before going wild over the races.

Another system that offshore betters need to be aware of is the Soku-PAT system which is directly connected with the internet banking, which does not have to worry about the payment procedures when betting over the internet or from their personal computers and mobiles. All this information can come in very handy for Australian online gamblers wishing to try their luck in Japanese horse racing. Another good thing is that one can easily withdraw their money on or before race day, so the novice punters are in for a ride. Even if one is unsure of a particular outcome, one can still bet on a odd but can still bow out before the gambling starts. JRA telephone betting membership over the internet can help many offshore gamblers to take active part in Japanese gambling – as the payments are secure, the returns are mostly positive and the chance of losing is greatly minimized.

If you are unable to place your bet on the Japan horse races, don’t worry. There are plenty of very lucrative Australian horse races to satisfy your needs. And there are none bigger than the Melbourne Cup. As it is Australia’s biggest race, online betting sites go out of their way to accommodate potential punters. From the best available odds to specials and promos, online betting sites roll out the red carpet for this horse racing event. So, log in and put down your bets because it’s an excellent chance to get in on the spirit of the race while picking up a little extra scratch.